mundane beauty

Manon Sas (1973) has a keen eye for finding beauty in the mundane.

With joyful ease and playing with contrasts, she immerses her audience

in diverse and exciting situations. Her work often takes you to uncanny

and off-places that at the same time convey a sense of serenity and stillness. Recurring themes are urban landscapes, liminal spaces (google that!)

and mundane beauty. 

Assignments, collabs and personal projects include portraits,

documentary, street, conceptual photography, travel blogs

(for example about Albania and China) and illustrations. 

Manon was trained at Amsterdam Photo Academy and by photographer Milan Gies (ongoing) and completed several storytelling and illustration courses at Berlin art schools, including Universität der Künste and BtK University of Art and Design. Sources of inspiration include Michael Wolf’s work centered around dense urban living (e.g. monster buildings in Hong Kong), Rob Hornstra’s slow documentary photography work and Facebook groups such as ‘What Zoning Board Approved This?’, ‘Bathrooms with Threatening Auras’ and ‘Edgelands; Liminal Spaces’. 

GUP/NEW photography talent 2022

Haute Photographie 2022

Studio 307 Amsterdam group exhibition 2022

Tirana Photo Festival 2021 & 2022

Esthetiekprijs des Vaderlands 2021

Finalist De Beeldmakers - Parool & Vandejong 2020

Thanks for checking in and feel free to leave a message for feedback, enquiries or collabs. 

Manon Sas | Utrecht, The Netherlands